Every season offers its own festival of colours! Whether you like to relax, or explore the outdoors, whether you’re travelling solo or as a family, you will surely find what you are looking for, for a memorable visit.


Stoneham Golf Club (2 km)
Summer activities:  golf & footgolf

E47 Écho Sentier Villégiature (5 km)
Winter activities : fatbike & walking trails
Summer activities: mountain biking & walking trails

Forêt Ancienne du Mont-Wright FREE (4 km)
Winter activities : walking trails, snowshoeing
Summer activities : walking trails, rock-climbing (member of the FQME)

Forêt Montmorency (46 km)
Winter activities : walking trails, cross-country skiing, snowmobile trails, snowshoeing, skating rink, slides, guided tours
Summer activities: walking trails, fishing

Glissades de Tewkesbury & Equitation (14 km)
Winter activities : highest and longest snow tubing runs in the region 
Summer activities : horse riding and rafting

Les Marais du Nord (4 km)
Winter activities : walking trails
Summer activities: walking trails, canoe & kayak rentals, guided rabaska tours, geocaching

Manoir du Lac-Delage (5 km)
Winter activities : snowshoeing, walking trails
Summer activities : mini-putt, indoor and outdoor  pool and spas, boating rentals, scooter rentals

Parc des fondateurs de Stoneham FREE (3 km)
Winter activities : sliding, play modules, walking trails, skating rink
Summer activities : play modules, water games, skate park, basketball, soccer, walking trails

Parc National de la Jacques-Cartier (25 km)
Winter activities: walking trails, snowshoeing, cross-country skiing, fatbike, skating rink
Summer activities : walking trails, canoe, kayak, mini-raft, rabaska, river tubing, Fishing, cycling, geocaching, Stand-up paddle

Station Touristique Stoneham (6 km)
Winter activities : downhill skiing, snowboarding, exterior spas,  skating rink, snowmobile trails
Summer activities : walking trails, pool and outdoor spas, geocaching, mountain yoga

Village Vacances Valcartier (28 km)
Winter activities : interior aquatic park, tubing & skating rink
Summer activities : exterior aquatic park and interior park (Bora Parc), spa, outdoor play modules

You will be charmed by the Jacques-Cartier regions!



Public market : Marché Public des Cantons FREE (3 km)
Every Thursday from June 14 to September 20, 3 p.m. to 7 p.m. on the beautiful space at la Grange du Presbytère de Stoneham. Local artisans, beer and wine, ready-to-eat meals, activities for children, tasting and music.

Christmas market : Marché de Noël de la Jacques-Cartier FREE (3 km)
Check out the web site of the town of Stoneham for details and dates. The pretty Christmas market in the region! Local artisans, coffee and hot chocolate, ready-to-eat,  activities for children, tasting and music.

L’ABRICAFÉ, only 20 minutes from Quebec City!